X'Mas Chihuahua容祖兒的第二張單曲,於2004年12月15日發行,以AVCD形式發行,迎接聖誕。"Chihuahua"亦是可口可樂的廣告主題曲,大受歡迎。

X'Mas Chihuahua is Joey Yung's second single, released on December 15th, 2004. It was released as AVCD format and welcoming the Christmas. "Chihuahua" is also the commercial song for Coca-Cola, which was very popular.

Released versions

Joey Chihuahua Front
  • Released as AVCD;
  • Included "Chihuahua" and its music video;
  • Coupons, a phone strap and a X'Mas card included.
Track list
1. "Computer data"    
2. "Chihuahua" (Music Video) 03:18
3. "Chihuahua"   03:07
Joey Yung Wiki



X'mas Chihuahua > 16,000


Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
"Chihuahua" 26/12/2004 18 7 10 1


  • Executive Producer: Ng Yu
  • A&R: Leo Chan / David Chow / Kwan Lee Sum
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Roy 2 / Ewin Lee
  • Artiste Management: Mani Fok, Oscar Cheung, Ada Wong, Sandy Wai
  • Artiste Promotion: (Radio) Larry Lau / Leung Ka Ho (TV) Raymond Ho / Sammy Fung (Press) Purple Ho
  • CD Mastering: Anthony Yeung at air studio
  • Creative & Post Production: James Lam, Carmen Wu, Wing Hung
    EEG Artiste Management Division (Tel: 2835 6688)
  • Graphix: Graphix Red

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