"This Close, That Far" (這麼近那麼遠) is a Cantonese song sung by Joey Yung. The Jackie Cheung cover was the thrid plug off her fifth EP, Me, Re-Do. It became Joey's 22nd plug to get four number 1s in Hong Kong major media.


On December 18, 2014, Joey posted a selfie of her in a studio on Instagram[1], asking netizens to guess which song she was recording.

One day before the song's release, Joey revealed the single artwork and the song title online[2]. She revealed the reason behind recording this classic hit was her growth in understanding love[3].

Joey's best friend Wyman Wong wrote this song in 1995 for Jackie Cheung. The song was rearranged by Alex Fung[4]. It was released in mid January finally.

Intentionally the music video was shot during Joey's US stops of Concert 1314. However, another official music video was shot on February 11, 2015[5]. Swiftly two days later, the director Richard Chong finished editing the video and released it[6]. Joey posted several pictures online on how excited she was while cooperating with Jackie Cheung[7][8].


一天一天 日日夜夜 面對面
既相處 也同眠
一點一點 逐漸逐漸 便發現
縱相對 卻無言

靜靜默默 望著熟悉的背面
一彎身影 原來離我多麼的遠
像天涯 那一端 沒法行 前一吋

我 留著你在身邊 心 仍然很遠
我想伸手拉近點 竟觸不到那邊
就欠一點點 但這一點點

觸摸得到 揣摩不到 這麼近
那麼遠 卻仍然
相宿相棲 不聲不響 我跟你
已改變 已無言

靜靜默默 望著陌生的背面
心中所想 原來離我多麼的遠
像天涯 那一端 沒法行 前一吋

*我 留著你在身邊 心 仍然很遠
也許終於都有天 當你站在前面

我 留著你在身邊 心 仍然很遠
我想伸手拉近點 竟觸不到那邊
就欠一點點 但這一點點 卻很遠*


Music Video

這麼近那麼遠 MV05:05

這麼近那麼遠 MV

Directed by Richard Chong.


Commercial release

An exclusive digital EP of the song was released on iTunes[9], on January 13, 2015. It includes the song, the instrumental versions and an interview about the song from Joey.

This Close, That Far
這麼近那麼遠 - EP
1. "這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far"   05:04
2. "這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far" (KTV) 05:03
3. "這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far" (Instrumental) 05:03
4. "這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far" (Joey's commentary) 04:49
Joey Yung Wiki



Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far 13/01/2015 1 1 1 1


JSG Awards 2015 Jade Solid Gold Best Twenty Songs




  • Recorded by: Alex Fung@The Invisible Studio
  • Mixed by:


OP: Universal Music Publishing Ltd.


MRD Word

  1. 天然呆 Natural Awkwardness
  2. 樂觀 Optimism
  3. 飄紅 Rosy
  4. 這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far
Me, Re-Do

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