• Producer: Alex Fung
  • Concert Director: Fran9
  • Choreographer: High King
  • Stage Designer: Cheung Tak Wai, Chow Ching
  • Video Director: John & Pong
  • Costume Designer: Chan Wah Gwok
  • Hair Stylist: Heibie Mok@HairCulture / Billy Choi@Hair Culture
  • Make Up Stylist: Arris Law/Make Up For Ever
  • Musical Director/Bassist: Carl Wong
  • 1st Keyboard Player/Pianist/Backing Vocal: Hobing@goomusic
  • 2nd Keyboard Player: Roel A. Garcia
  • 3rd Keyboard Player/Programmer/Backing Vocal: Veegay
  • 1st Guitarist: So Tak Wah
  • 2nd Guitarist: Hoshan
  • Drummer: Stephanie S. Wong Endorsed by Zildjian Cymbals
  • Backing Vocals: Joseph Hwang, Jackie Cho, Candy Wu

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