"Sequel" (續集) is an upcoming song sung by Joey Yung. Due to the popularity of the song, "Drama Series", Tang Chi Wai decided to write a song again for Joey since TVB drama series, "The Hippocratic Crush" has a new sequel.


There are a lot of rumors about the song in early 2013. Tang confirmed it in a Weibo, stating he finished the song and waited for Tsui[1]. Lin later posted a photo on Instagram, blurred out the lyrics[2]. Three days later, Joey confirmed the collaboration again[3]. At the same day, Tang posted a photo of him and Joey in studio[4]. Later Tang teased fans and posted other snippets of lyrics[5][6][7].

On October 2013, one month before the premiere of the series, Tang released a 30-second snippet of the song to hype fans up[8]. Later an extended version was released[9]. One week later, Tang posted the official full-length song due to high anticipation[10].


耿耿於上次太絕情 殘留全是冷漠佈景
糾結故事極難忘 難忘愛你但我沒承認
都只因上次太忘形 誰人才重要未看清
應有對白被遺忘 遺忘半句道歉沒說清

若是幸運地展開續集 讓我學會把握
日夜背誦陌生的獨白 讓態度也掌握
只要可跟你再遇見 傷過的會珍惜每刻

*從頭開始 多多一次靠你我來重演
 多多一集上集就如排練 就讓劇情緩緩改變
 從頭飾演 飾演一個更信愛情人選
 相戀之道上集未能完善 耗盡熱情重來一遍
 仍然是我 或會倔強一點
 但未會想 像上回被討厭
 只想這一次愉快 能成為最主線
(只想這一次和你 能同行到終點)*

當呼吸是照舊無常 前行仍舊遍地雪霜
當四季尚在場時 能懷抱你是最大理想

現實是混亂間分別後 沒有力氣再走
現實是日夜只懂念舊 沒有辦法放手
只妄想跟你去避世 風再急可捉緊你手


忘記危殆畫面 第二次學脫險
忘記暴雨畫面 第二次望向天 總可雨過晴天

何時開始 多多一次看你我如何演
多多一部續集用來如願 命運或能完全改變
然而現況 是各自各一邊
但願有天 會真的跟你結識暗戀熱戀多一遍
期盼來到這天 遺憾橋段可變

Commercial release

The single was released on iTunes[11], on October 30, 2013.
續集 (《On Call 36 小時 II》 主題曲 ) - Single
1. "續集 Sequel" ("The Hippocratic Crush 2" Theme song) 05:19
Joey Yung Wiki

Music & Personnel

  • Programming by: Jeffai Yip
  • Guitar by: Joey Tang
  • Chorus by: Cho Kit Mun
  • Chorus & chorus arrangement by: Lau Cho Tak
  • Mixed by: Hang
  • Studio: Shaw Moviecty


OP: TVB Music Ltd.


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