"One Love, One Lesson" (愛一個上一課) is the third track and third plug of Joey Yung's Cantonese album, Close Up. A remix version called Jazz mix of the song was also plugged to the four media. Joey herself also co-produced the song.

Live performances

Joey performed the album version of the song in certain shows. Jazz mix version was also performed in some shows.


像有感情 到天星 看風景
他似無還有偏卻 不承認
為了此人 算初戀 太高興

然後遇著 我至今的經典
曾緊張得似應戰 一晚渡無限風險
然後漸漸 沉重到 不願見
人會變 情會厭 從沒甚麼保險

*誰擔保可不可 有一個愛一個
 為何我不可 值得好點結果
 即使悔恨又如何 別離得多不痛楚
 其實帶淚都該慶賀 失戀不怕多

 多得天的許可 愛一個上多一課
 自由也不錯 被吹熄的愛火
 光影總算照亮過 想開心如何懶惰
 無謂算盡機關只要情動 也不敢錯過*

逃避寂寞 期待吃喝玩樂
談得多戀愛更覺 不領會何謂快樂
誰是玩伴 誰是愛的幻覺
誰與我 能永遠 留在夢中天國

Repeat *

Music Video

Joey Yung (容祖兒)- 愛一個上一課 (KTV)03:55

Joey Yung (容祖兒)- 愛一個上一課 (KTV)

Official MV.



Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
愛一個上一課 One Love, One Lesson
(also plugged Jazz Mix version)
17/02/2007 1 1 1 1



  • Drums: Davy Chan
  • All Guitars: 賢仔
  • Violins: Lesile Moonsun Ryang
  • Violas: Alice Rosen
  • Bass: 傑仔
  • Strings arranged by: Jim Ling@Zoo Music
  • Additional Arrangements & programmings: 舒文@Zoo Music
  • Chorus: 尹達慧、羅凱茵


  • Recorded by: Sky@Zoo Music Studio
  • Mixed by: and 舒文@Zoo Music Studio


OP: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Hong Kong)/EEG Music Publishing Ltd.

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