MetroRadio Superstars Live Concert (新城數碼‧巨星靚聲音樂會) was a live show held by Metro Radio at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre featured Joey Yung, Raymond Lam and Mag Lam and special guest William Chan.

Joey's set

  1. Greater Vigor
  2. Shout
  3. Diva
  4. Momoe Yamaguchi
  5. The Kite that Chase Kites (with Mag Lam)
  6. Smoke and Mirrors
  7. Excuse Me, I Love You
  8. Forest of Flowers
  9. 因為愛情 (with Raymond Lam)
  10. Drama Series
  11. Right Time


Home media

Metro Superstars DVD

Special Version

  • 2DVD + 2CD
  • Released on October 26, 2012

Regular Version

  • 2DVD only
  • Released on November 8, 2012


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