Joey Yung: Greatest Hits is a series of compilation albums of Joey Yung released in the vinyl LP format. This limited vinyl LP edition is mastered in the U.S., pressed in Japan and comes with serial numbering[1]. As of 2016, two albums have been released.

Volume 1

Track listing

  • Side A
  1. 痛愛
  2. 16號愛人
  3. 逃避你
  4. 誰來愛我
  5. 抱抱
  • Side B
  1. 何苦
  2. 心甘命抵
  3. 爭氣
  4. 再見我的初戀

Volume 2

Track listing

  • Side A
  1. 我的驕傲
  2. 明日恩典
  3. 零時零分
  4. 華麗邂逅
  5. 想得太遠
  • Side B
  1. 愛一個上一課
  2. 習慣失戀
  3. 心淡
  4. 啜泣
  5. 日安憂鬱


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