Hanjin Tan (陳奐仁, born in January 27, 1976) is a Singarore-based Hong Kong singer and songwriter. He wrote, arranged and produced several songs for Joey Yung since 2006. Most of them are upbeat songs, suiting both of their enthusiastic personality.

Work with Joey

"C" for composer of the song. "A" for arrangement of the song. "P" for producer of the song.
心花怒放 Joyful Close Up Hanjin Tan Chow Yiu Fai C
Runaway Glow Hanjin Tan Wyman Wong C.A.P
Lucky Star Love Joey Love Four Hanjin Tan Wyman Wong C.A.P
Cheer Up (duet with various artist) N/A Hanjin Tan Chow Yiu Fai C
綠野仙踪 Wizard of Oz Airport Hanjin Tan Wyman Wong C.P

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