"Get Fit with Jane Fonda" (跟珍芳達做健身操) is the fifth track of Joey Yung's Cantonese album, Ten Most Wanted. It is a song representing the need of health. It's the first time that the Taiwanese singer, Mavis Fan wrote song for Joey.

Live performances

Joey performed album version of the song with elements of "Funk Underground" in both Part1 and Part2 of the concert.

Music Video

The video of the song is a making-of of the album photoshoot and the "Red Snow" music video.

Jane Fonda Video03:46

Jane Fonda Video


誰都需要手舞足蹈 因此不要思緒起伏
因此感覺很酷 緊身衣都著好
想踩出高貴之道 想跑出戀愛之路
那使天氣很焗 小手巾都扎好

珍芳達示範節奏有用 就讓靈慾 越來越受控
跟芳達學習跳舞有用 逐漸能要放會放 要動能動

*move like you love to,like you love to
 bend like you love to,like you love to
 stretch like you love to,if you want to
 dance like you love to
 let’s make you move

#識得跳低跳高 痴心已經放鬆
 不必靠他接觸 身心已經滿足
 識得拗腰摺腹 芳心已經看通
 不必約他看風 獨自做健身操

誰都需要不怕孤獨 因此不要給愛征服
因此感覺驕傲 緊身衣都著好
跟她的一拍一步 管他的可有可無
今天都可很綠 MP3都掛好

珍芳達示範女性進步 就讓靈慾 越來越受控
跟芳達學習女性退步 逐漸能看見某某 向後移動


  • Additional Arrangement: 舒文@Zoo Music
  • All Vox: JY616


  • Recorded by: Sky@Zoo Music Studio
  • Mixed by: Frankie Hung and 舒文@Zoo Music Studio


OP: 吃草的魚傳播有限公司 (admin by EMI Music Publishing (S.E.Asia) Ltd. Taiwan Branch) (SP: EMI Music Publishing HK)/ EEG Music Publishing Ltd.

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