"For You" (給你) is the tenth track of Joey Yung's seventh Mandarin album, Moment. The song was written for her fans.

In 2010, Joey met Kay Huang in a rehearsal room, Joey appreciated her for a long time, so she invited her to write a song for her. After two years, Kay wrote this song to Joey, with "beautiful melody, a warm feeling and the power to touch people's heart". Joey said the song reminded her of the ups and downs in her career, but still, she remembered each fans' face, who support her for a long time.

Music Video

The video, directed by Heison Ng@START24, contains of behind-the-scenes footage of "Right Time" and "Smoke and Mirrors" videos, some on-stage performance for Moment, released on October 19, 2012.





那些幸福的想法 如果需要回答
別躲在角落 讓快樂停止喧嘩

望著流逝的時光 成長需要勇氣
難捨難分的別離 只是嘆息

唱著歌 流著淚 我們都曾經為愛心碎
笑著面對 告別了昨天 謝謝你一直在我身邊
我們都值得更好的明天 這個世界 因你而完美

回不去的 就該往前走
帶不走的 就放手吧

也許生命的變化 不過一念之差
我不再害怕 讓悲傷慢慢融化

望著流逝的時光 成長需要勇氣
難捨難分的別離 只是嘆息

唱著歌 流著淚 我們都曾經為愛心碎
笑著面對 告別了昨天 謝謝你一直在我身邊
我們都值得更好的明天 這個世界 因你而完美

唱著歌 想著誰 人都要學會放心去飛
朦朧之間 要勇敢的跨越
拉扯在 夢與現實兩邊
這個世界 因你而完美

Music & Personnel

  • Strings Arrangement: 鍾興民 Baby-C
  • Strings recording studio: 李岳松 Yue Song Li
  • Strings recording studio: 中央電影製片廠音樂錄音棚 China Central News and Documentary Film Studio
  • Strings: 中國愛樂樂團 China Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Cello solo: 關正躍 Cheng Yueh Kuan
  • Production coordinator: 毛新光 Xin Guang Mao
  • Music score manager: 林盼 Pan Lin
  • Background vocal arrangement: 黃韻玲 Kay Huang
  • Background vocalist: 黃韻玲 Kay Huang
  • Background vocal recording studio: 19 號房 Room 19 Studio
  • Mixing engineer: 李岳松 Yue Song Li
  • Mixing studio: 聲舞者錄音室 Sound Dancer Studio


OP: 果核有限公司 SP: EMI Music Publishing Hong Kong

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