EP is the debut EP of Joey Yung. It was released on 29th September, 1999. Being Roman Tam's student, people had high expectations for this newcomer's songs and vocal performance on the album. When the CD was released, it was very well accepted, selling around 130,000 copies in Hong Kong. The CD also broke the record for the most consecutive weeks on the IFPI album chart, staying on the chart for 23 weeks. It made Joey Yung became famous.

Released Versions

First edition

Joey EP1 LtdEd Front
  • Very limited;
  • Grey theme cover;
  • with H2O+ skin care as gift.
1. "未知 Not Yet Know"   03:38
2. "逃避你 Run away from You"   04:07
3. "這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute"   03:47
4. "今年新款 This Year's New Style"   04:12
5. "扮了解 Pretend to Understand"   03:44
6. "未知 Not Yet Know" (Rush Hour Mix) 02:45
7. "未知 Not Yet Know" (Karaoke version) 03:38
8. "逃避你 Run away from You" (Karaoke version) 04:07
9. "這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute" (Karaoke version) 03:47
10. "未知 Not Yet Know" (Rush Hour Mix) (Karaoke version) 03:38
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Second edition

Joey EP1 NormEd Front
  • A different cover;
  • Same track listing.

Special edition

Joey EP1 SpecEd Front
  • Released on 1st December, 1999;
  • Different cover;
  • Different track listing.



EP1 Double Platinum (> 130,000)


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
未知 Not Yet Know 05/09/1999 2 1 1 1
逃避你 Run away from You 17/10/1999 18 10 3
這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute 12/12/1996 2 9 5 6
  • For more awards received, please visit individual page.



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