1314 Merchandise Store

These are the merchandises of Concert 1314.

List of Merchandise


Designed by famous English designer Markus Lupfer, each tee shirt has a limited amount of 500 pieces sold worldwide.

  • Joey 1314 Concert X Markus Lupfer tee shirt: HK$420/piece

Smart Phone Case

  • iPhone / Samsung Case: HK$120/each

Hand Towel

  • 1314 Towel: HK$120/each

Sock Set

  • 1314 Sock Set: HK$220/set


  • 1314 Tote Bag: HK$160/each
  • A5 Note Book Set: HK$100/set
  • A5 Note Book Set: HK$100/set
  • 1314 Poster: HK$40/each

Concert souvenirs

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