C. Y. Kong (江志仁) is a Hong Kong-based music composer and producer. He has written several songs for Joey Yung across the years.

Work with Joey

"C" for composer of the song. "A" for arrangement of the song. "P" for producer of the song.
Songs Albums Composer Lyricist Responsible
精神戀愛 Mental Love Love Joey C.Y. Kong Albert Leung C.A
隆重登場 Grand on Stage Grand on Stage Wyman Wong
派對機器 Party Machine Show Up! C.Y. Kong Wyman Wong C.A
可歌可泣 Can Sing Can Cry A Time For Us C.Y. Kong Albert Leung C.A
心賊難防 Thief in the Heart is Inevitable A Time For Us C.Y. Kong Albert Leung C.A
澎湃 Emotional Joey & Joey C.Y. Kong Abrahim Chan C.A.P
追風箏的風箏 The Kite that Chase Kites
(with Mag Lam)
Diva C.Y. Kong Albert Leung C.A

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