Bi-Heart容祖兒的第九張個人廣東專輯,於2005年8月18日發行。大碟主題是指"雙子座的心情"。大碟派台歌曲有"越唱越強"、"天之驕女"和"好事多為"。當中"好事多為"為Sony Ericsson Reflection of Joey's Live 2005的主題曲,所以特意將歌曲送往韓國重新編曲,以Reflection Mix版派台。

Bi-Heart is Joey Yung's ninth personal cantonese album, releaed on 18th August, 2005. The name of the album means "Gemini's heart". Plugged songs of the album included "Sing More and Stronger", "The Girl Favored by Heaven" and "Pointless Doing". And "Pointless Doing" was Sony Ericsson Reflection of Joey's Live 2005's theme song, so the song was sent to Korea for a remix, and plugged as Reflecton Mix.

Released versions

Frist edition

Joey Bi-Heart Front
  • CD, coupons, Fortune Nofrozic Strawberry Mint, and notebook-like photo album included.
1. "Bi-Heart JAM" (Prelude) 01:21
2. "越唱越強 Sing More and Stronger" (Maxim's Mooncake CM song) 04:48
3. "SMS@5:30 AM" (Interlude) 00:08
4. "天之驕女 The Girl Favored by Heaven" (Lohongka CM song) 04:15
5. "U May Kiss The Bride" (Interlude) 00:26
6. "好事多為 Pointless Doing"   03:01
7. "Taking Off" (Interlude) 00:17
8. "損友 Bad Friend"   03:45
9. "混血兒 Mixed-Blooded"   03:22
10. "Boarding Alone" (Interlude) 00:30
11. "還未 Not Yet"   03:35
12. "Chaotic Heart" (Interlude) 00:18
13. "Messy"   03:43
14. "罪魁 Criminal"   03:37
15. "亂唱歌 Crazy Singing"   03:59
16. "T Minus 10" (Interlude) 00:29
17. "去火星戀愛 Dating on Mars"   03:38
18. "M-Program" (Finale) 00:06
19. "越唱越強 Sing More and Stronger" (Mandarin version) 04:48
20. "你我她 You, Me, Her" ("Not Yet" Mandarin version) 03:33
Joey Yung Wiki

Second edition (加場慶功版)

Joey Bi-Heart 2nd Ed Front
  • Released on 13th October. 2005;
  • As a celebration of the shows addition of Reflection concert;
  • Different cover, same as the concert poster;
  • Bonus DVD plus the first edition album.
  • DVD included the "Pointless Doing" (Reflection Mix) Music Video and 3 more MVs.

Reissued version

BiHeart Reissue
  • Released on November 6, 2013;
  • Only included 20 tracks.



Bi-Heart Platinum (> 50,000)


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 907 TVB
越唱越強 Sing More and Stronger 26/06/2005 2 1 1 1
天之驕女 The Girl Favored by Heaven 28/08/2005 1 1 1 1
好事多為 Pointless Doing (Reflection Mix) 15/10/2005 1 2 5 4
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



  • Executive Producer: Ng Yu / Johnson Lam
  • A&R: Leo Chan / Leong Shek Chi / Ronnie Lau / Kwan Lee Sum
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Roy 2 / Ewin Lee
  • Artiste Promotion: (radio) Larry Lau / Leung Ka Ho (TV) Raymond Ho / Sammy Fung (Press) Purple Ho
  • Artiste Management: Mani Fok, Oscar Cheung, Ada Wong, Sandy Wai
  • CD Mastering: Anthony Yeung at Air Studio
  • Creative & Post Production: James Lam, Carmen Wu, Wing Hung
  • EEG Management Division: (+852) 2835 6688
  • Art Direction: Matt (Graphix Red)
  • Photography: CK
  • Styling: Adele Leung
  • Hair Styling: Billy Choi (Hair Culture)
  • Makeup: Arris Law
  • Location by: Courtesy of Chemiji and The Civern
  • Special Thanks to: Fortune Pharmacal Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Maxim's Mooncake, 老行家, 四洲集團, ~H2O+, Bonluxe Lingerie, DTC Forevermark, Sony Ericsson, Society for Protection of the Habour, Okashi Land, ZTAMPZ

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