"Always Seeing the Angels" (一直看見天使) is the fourth track and third plug of the EP, Joey Ten, by Joey Yung. It is also the TV commercial song of Summer's Eve. Joey described the song is the 10th Anniversary theme song. The lyrics showed out the best feeling of this decade of her, and all people who love her is like her "angel". She was so touched because many of her friends has been part of the backing vocals of the song, such as Twins, some DJs, her fans and her friends. In the music video of the song, Joey cried truly.

Live performances

Joey performed the album version of the song in Metro Radio Joey the Queen Music Show, for th first and the only time. Many fans had expected her to sing the song in Number 6, but she didn't.


亂世處處 太多咒怨

若世間逐漸陷落 你早已看穿
你這部通書 只叫人 心更亂
現在就 講講我一出世 沿途所見

看守我至我 無恙安眠
人有苦與甜 學欣賞它好的那邊

不只有怪獸 力壓你雙肩
都總有天使 長伴跟前 圓你幾個願
在紛紛擾擾 花花世界 等不悲觀者看見

就算出道後路上 間中有破損
我記住只得 所有人 的美善
現在若講起 有些相距甚遠 說說也覺得溫暖

看守我至我 無恙安眠
人有苦與甜 學欣賞它好的那邊

不只有怪獸 力壓你雙肩
都總有天使 長伴跟前 圓你幾個願
在紛紛擾擾 花花世界 等不悲觀者看見

若是你願 你亦能在 日常閒事中看見

看守你愛你 逾十週年
陪你出發前 預先收好星星碎片

這黑暗世界 鍍上了金邊
不只有妖怪 埋伏窗前

或者他聽到 偷偷替你 穿針牽了線

Backing vocals by joey's friend:
La la la...

Music Video

容祖兒 - 一直看見天使 MV EEG05:03

容祖兒 - 一直看見天使 MV EEG

Official MV. Directed by rabbit@ptu.



Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
一直看見天使 Always Seeing the Angels 10/03/2010 18 15 4 1


  • All instruments performed by: Carl "dafreak" Wong
  • Drums by: Stephane s. Wong endorsed by zildjian cymbals
  • Nylon guitar by: So Tak Wah


OP: Black Label Company Limited admin by EMI Music Publishing Hong Kong / Wyman admin by Universal Music Publishing Ltd.


Backing Vocals

Sliver Ko, Joseph Hwang, Pam Chung, 蔡卓奸, 鍾欣桐@twins, 朱薰, 阿榮, 麻利, 希臣, 禮禮, 肥媽, 蘿蔔, 郭佩濤, 鍾啟恩, 丁悅, 陳樂謙, 阮展鴻, Adrian c., alkafe Lam Ki Fung, Jim Yiu
The producer would like to thank all the "instant" spport from all the friends and fans, you all just brighten up the song!!

JY10b ~ Joey10

"世界小姐 Miss World"  · "一直看見天使 Always Seeing the Angels"  · "Just For You"

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