Honestly is Joey Yung's first personal Mandarin album, released on December 6, 2001, it has received well response from public. The album included several Mandarin version of Joey's greatest hits, also with new Mandarin songs. The first plug of the album, "Heartbeat", got quite good results, became one of the famous dance song of Joey's. The second same-titled plug, "Honestly" also received great response from public, brought a great start of Joey's Mandarin songs market.

Released versions

First edition

Joey Honestly CD Booklet Front
  • AVCD with 10 songs nd 1 music video;
  • Calander, coupon, special photo album included.
1. "Heartbeat"   03:42
2. "謝謝你愛我 Thank You for Loving Me" (~H2o+ commercial song) 04:35
3. "說真的 Honestly" ("Expect a Miracle" promotion theme song) 04:25
4. "Dear"   04:13
5. "麻醉 Sedative"   03:37
6. "我好想他 I Miss Him"   04:01
7. "愛情蘋果 Apple of Love" ("Expect a Miracle" ending song) 03:49
8. "習慣你 Get Used to You" ("Pain Love" Mandarin version) 03:31
9. "看清 Look Clearly" ("Not Yet Know" Mandarin version) 03:38
10. "Love Forever"   03:38
11. "說真的 Honestly" (Music Video) 04:35
Joey Yung Wiki

Taiwanese edition

Joey Honestly Box Front
  • Different cover;
  • AVCD + 4-music-video VCD included.



Honestly TBA


Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
Heartbeat 27/01/2002 3 --- 2 ---
說真的 Honestly 31/03/2002 14 --- --- ---
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



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