獨照容祖兒的第三張個人國語專輯,在2003年12月17日發行。專輯以祖兒 23歲女孩心情,來唱出她的愛情故事,從確定到熱戀不可分離,從習慣、淡漠到一個人,到重新出發……就像是一個充滿畫面的愛情循環,隨著一首首的歌曲,情緒起伏,祖兒在跟你訴說她過去的愛情故事,她的戀愛五部曲《不想回家 》、《等不及愛你》、《你還是疼我的》、《忽然單身》、《獨照》,像是一齣電影的原聲帶,也是一張概念的專輯[1]

Lonely Portrait is Joey Yung's third solo mandarin album, released on December 17, 2003. The album-opening track, "The Girl with Brandishing Wings" is a adapted version from her popular track, "My Pride". The album is mainly describing her 23 year-old self's love story. "Don't Wanna Go Home", "Can't Wait to Love You", "You Still Love Me Dearly", "Suddenly Alone" and "Lonely Portrait" are a "Love Quintet".

Released versions

Hong Kong edition

Joey SoloPortrait Box Front

Taiwanese edition

Joey SoloPortrait Box Front



獨照 Lonely Portrait TBA


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
獨照 Lonely Portrait 11/01/2004 15 3 1 6
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.




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